FULL CERTIFICATE is a TRUSTED ELECTRONIC SERVICE PROVIDER. Your website is an Online Portal of Electronic Certification Services whose basic and main purpose is to offer a wide range of certified services such as communications with legal validity between USERS and / or COMPANIES through Certified Registered Signed Mail, Certified eMail, Certified SMS and Certified Fax.

As well as other electronic certification services such as: Certified eGovernment, Certified Electronic Voting, Certified Video Recording, Certified Online Contracts, Certified Calls, Certified Online Signature, Certified Agreements, SEPA, Certified Invoices, Certified Documents, Certified Ideas, Certified Online Recovery etc.


FULL CERTIFICATE is a service represented by DIGITAL CHANNELS SL, hereinafter FULL CERTIFICATE, with tax identification number ES87336178 and address at Boix y Morer, 6. 9th floor. 28003. Madrid, Spain.

With telephone number: +44 1613942303.


Every user of the portal is obliged to register his/her personal data and, in the case of the companies, the data of the company and that of the person who represents it. These data must be entered with complete reliability. The e-mail and the mobile are fundamental data for the provision of the service and are essential for the access and correct functioning of the platform.

Registration is free and in the case of registration with personal accounts such as Gmail or Facebook this implies a quick access and within the system, the user must validate the email entered that sends the system to your email. Then in the next entry to the portal you must complete all your data correctly. It is relevant and important to register by providing real and truthful data since it is part of the record and the certificates issued.

The USER is solely responsible for the contents and their communications. The use of the portal must be correct, truthful, diligent and lawful and, in particular, it undertakes to refrain from:

  • Use the services for purposes contrary to the laws and regulations in force
  • To access or try to access data from other users.
  • To capture or record any contact data of the portal to send, by any means, advertising or commercial information as well as to commercialize such data.
  • To introduce computer viruses into the system or to carry out actions liable to damage, cancel or block the services rendered.
  • To copy without authorization or infringe intellectual or industrial property rights. To copy and / or publish the contents and images of the portal.
  • To supplant the identity of other users or COMPANIES or organizations.

THE USER knows and is responsible for the possible repercussions made by sending and communications, incorporating the same personal data protected by the LOPD. In these cases THE USER exempts from any liability and the possible legal repercussions that may affect FULL CERTIFICATE.

In sending Registered Signed Mail, FULL CERTIFICATE has created shipping forms with “special selection Options” which, in the case of personal data communications, should always be activated: These activation options are as follows: “On special Data protection “and” acknowledgement of content without personal data “. Delivery times are indicated within the different Registered Signed Mail service forms and may vary according to each logistics company with which it is worked. It will always be a guiding time, on weekdays from Monday to Friday without counting holidays and weekends. The deliveries of Registered Signed Mail will be made in the working hours marked by the courier companies and it is not allowed to fix specific hours of delivery, in any case, if it will be able to suggest hours of preferential delivery as special request non-binding. If there is a delivery service on Saturdays it will be indicated within the system itself.

In the case of advanced data processing with integration via WEB SERVICES or similar processes with external databases of clients or users, the COMPANY is solely responsible for said data, its communications, the quality and reliability thereof.

Registration on the Full Certificate portal implies full, wide and express authorization to receive service calls as well as electronic information and/or advertising services such as emails, SMS and Fax. Likewise, the Parties agree to authorize FULL CERTIFICATE and in cases where there is a register of companies and/or organizations to be able to reference them in their area of clients and testimonies.


FULL CERTIFICATE in accordance with current legislation and as a TRUSTED ELECTRONIC SERVICE PROVIDER has developed its Online electronic certification service and, under no circumstances, will be responsible for the possible legal repercussions that could cause with respect to the contracts and services used by the user through the portal.

Also, the FULL CERTIFICATE Portal offers online services with 24 x 7 unsecured availability. The services and the portal can be interrupted in a partial way and limited in time by multiple causes or in total form by major causes. To do so, and if necessary, it will be announced on the system access page and/or communicated by any other means. In the services of the type “Registered Signed Mail” the deadlines of time of delivery indicated in the portal are deadlines of type orientative.

FULL CERTIFICATE shall not be liable in the event of any failure to deliver the physical documentation when such delivery is to be verified by means other than electronics. In the case of any type of incident, FULL CERTIFICATE will facilitate, if necessary, all contact details of the logistic operator designated for the purpose. It will proceed to certify in negative in those Registered Signed Mail whose recipients and/0 any person in the domicile (see delivery options) are not present, refuse to collect the documentation for any reason, or they send it to another direction. In the same way it will proceed when the registered address in the system is erroneous or when the user collects the documentation but the data provided by the same one are not clear, sufficient and/or truthful. Also, and, depending on each case, FULL CERTIFICATE reserves the possibility of canceling the shipment proceeding to the return of the cost of the same and its subsequent credit in balance in the customer’s account.

The parties agree that in the case of an error attributable to FULL CERTIFICATE, the cost of the service in balance available within the system shall be returned. In the case of urgent Registered Signed Mail, of the type “same day” or “next day”, if the courier company were delayed and the service started a day later the user has the right to return the price difference between the two types of services. In addition, you have the right to request the cancellation of the service performed and the refund of the same amount in the balance of the account of the customer assuming also, in the case that has been issued, the cancellation of the certificate issued even if it had been Downloaded.

In any case, FULL CERTIFICATE and THE USER agree that the maximum amount that could assume FULL CERTIFICATE in cases of possible legal repercussions for A USER´S claim will be limited to the economic value of the service provided.


In compliance with the provisions of organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December, on the protection of personal data as well as the General Regulations on Data Protection (RGPD) – Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council – which will replace the current Regulations in force and which will begin to be applied on May 25th, 2018, the USER may at any time exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, communicating to FULL CERTIFICATE by any of the means placed at his disposal and By granting to FULL CERTIFICATE the maximum time indicated in the current legislation to proceed with such rectification, cancellation or resolution. FULL CERTIFICATE guarantees the confidentiality of the USER´S personal data.


THE USER understands that the information and this legal notice contained in the portal of FULL CERTIFICATE in relation to its services and general conditions of hiring are accepted without limitations in its entirety. THE USER grants his/her full consent and acceptance to FULL CERTIFICATE at the time THE USER completes his/her registration.

FULL CERTIFICATE reserves the right to “cancel or cancel the access”, to “allow or deny the service” and to “restrict or extend” the functionality of the portal. The balance of your purchases minus your consumptions will always be available in THE USER’S account. This balance may only be returned in the event of cancellation of access or denial of service.

Any user may request the download of the FULL CERTIFICATE service, which will mean that their personal and/or company data, the certificates issued, the invoices and any other data or document of the system will be blocked and will be discharged. The user will not be able to enter the portal again. The certificates issued will be kept by legal imperative for FULL CERTIFICATE during the current period at any time. In the event that balance is available at the time of the fall that balance will be cancelled, the client losing the right to a later use and may not be claimed in the future from the time of the application for the download. To communicate the drop to FULL CERTIFICATE must be made by THE USER in writing, in a reliable and certified way, directed to FULL CERTIFICATE.


In accordance with the provisions of organic Law 15/99, of 13 December, on the protection of Personal data (LOPD), the USER may request and obtain information of his personal data included in the files of which the FULL CERTIFICATE are Responsible upon request in writing and subsequent physical verification at the company’s headquarters.

FULL CERTIFICATE will be responsible for the file that contains personal data of its USERS and its confidentiality according to the LOPD and the LSSI.


The purchase of a balance Pack, in the local currency of the country, will be the one that each user wants or needs at any time. The USER buys balance to redeem them for the general services of FULL CERTIFICATE. The system will issue the invoice for each purchase, in real time, including VAT. The USER does not pay monthly fees and his/her money will be available for current and future consumptions throughout the life of his account. There are advanced services through the payment of highs and periodic fees that will be treated in a personalized way with each customer and service. Information about your balance, purchases and consumptions are reflected in “My account/My balance”.

The available balance is without VAT and may be redeemed by the FULL CERTIFICATE services at any time. The purchase of balance is not refundable. The availability of balance is immediate in the purchases by electronic means like the virtual TPV. The purchase of balance by bank transfer will be available between 2 and 4 business days from the day following the issuance by the USER of the corresponding bank transfer. FULL CERTIFICATE will send the complete specifications for the realization of the bank transfer by email to email registered by THE CUSTOMER.

FULL CERTIFICATE will apply the current rates at all times to all your products as specified in specific offers or type of service that the USER chooses. The prices indicated on the web are orientative prices. The services can have different options of configuration and price. The services can depend on several factors such as the number of pages, the number of documents and their weight, the delivery times, the type of service, the geographical area, the levels of each service, etc. The client will know the final cost of each selected service before making the submission that is displayed by the system after selecting the different options you have chosen and loading the documentation you want. Once a shipment or service has been executed, FULL CERTIFICATE will automatically issue an expense note.

FULL CERTIFICATE is reserved unilaterally the modification, at any time and for any country, of its rates that will be published in the portal and detailed in the interior part. The purchase invoices of each balance Pack are issued in real time and each USER will be able to download them within their personal area “my account/Invoices”. The USER can download a consumer note of each service in the same download panel of the certificates issued. The standardized payment system is by credit card.


FULL CERTIFICATE through DIGITAL CHANNELS SL acts as a TRUSTED ELECTRONIC SERVICE PROVIDER in accordance with the information Society and E-Commerce Services Act and in general form in its articulated and more specifically through Article 25 of law 34/2002 of 11 July and the European Union Regulation No. 910/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 July 2014.

We recommend you consult the Law of Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce in its entirety and its subsequent modifications for the promotion of the Information Society and Electronic Communications as is Law 56/2007. As well as the Electronic Signature Law of December 19, 2003.


FULL CERTIFICATE guarantees the confidentiality of the personal data of the USERS entered in the subscription forms. Such data shall be used only for the management, administration, provision, expansion and improvement of services rendered to USERS, including the submission of service updates, the sending of information and publicity relating to the services of Electronic certification or any other commercial communication.


If there is a discrepancy between what is established in the options of each service and the public information of the portal, the provisions of the conditions of each service in the internal area of the portal will prevail. The promotions will have the validity that are programmed in the system, ie if a promotional coupon is not active in the system it is understood that this one does not apply and it has no value whatsoever.


The possible relationships between FULL CERTIFICATE, USERS and companies will be governed by the current regulations, the applicable legislation and the competent jurisdiction.

In cases where the current legislation provides for the possibility for the parties to submit to a specific jurisdiction, both parties expressly waive any jurisdiction that may correspond to them and are subject to judicial level to resolve their disputes, in the first instance, to arbitration in the city of Madrid and later to the courts and tribunals of Madrid.


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